Lawn Care

If you have children and pets in your backyard, there may be places where grass is unable to grow. Many things can damage a lawn. Insects, improper mowing, active children or pets, trees, insufficient light, climate and poor drainage can all ruin your lawn. That is why you need professionals like Mance Outdoor Solutions. We are the lawn care service specialists for your Granite City, IL area. We have the best turf and land care supplies, the best prices, and the most efficient service.

a lawn and a fenceProper lawn care takes planning and work, so we offer, professional tips, great supplies, and excellent lawn service for a reasonable price. We are experienced in all aspects of lawn maintenance. We help you take care of your lawn, and we have all the supplies you need at the best price. Good lawn maintenance involves a number of specialized services. You may need to manage weeds and insects, prepare a new landscape for grass, or replace a lawn mower or trimmer. Among the many tough spots for lawn care is any landscaping location where it is difficult to grow grass. We have the recommended solution to the problem. Whether you need seeding, weed control, watering solutions or topsoil we are here to make sure your lawn is beautiful.

With outside pets, the only result to any natural type of grass may be mud and dirt. Large dogs like to run, and they need to exercise. If you are not able to have a bare earth yard for the dogs, turf is a safe and economical solution. Artificial grass will not be destroyed as quickly as natural sod. Pet urine drains through, and the grass does not stain. Children’s play areas are tough on grass as well. Children and pets run and jump, and swing sets add another set of patches that are hard to keep growing. We can recommend solutions and supply the products that work for you.

When you mow and trim your lawn, you want to have the right equipment for the job. Equipment that is not dependable or poorly maintained may not start when you need it. We can recommend the best product for your lawn care service needs. Grass thatch and lawn clippings should be controlled to keep your lawn healthy; also mowing too short can kill grass during the dry months.

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Insects are part of every lawn, but you want to make sure they are not the death of your lawn. A professional lawn maintenance company can provide you with the best tips and supplies for insect control. From new landscape preparation, to established lawn solutions, there is a professional service that can help you manage your lawn and keep it nice.
We are here to give you the lawn care and snow plowing service you need in Granite City, IL and the surrounding area. Call Mance Outdoor Solutions  at (618) 407-0204 today and learn more about the types of services we offer.